Design and manufactured in the UK, Red Range is the bench mark for check point and gatehouse under vehicle search & Inspection equipment. With a comprehensive range of Search Mirrors and accessories, our UK manufactured products enable the user quickly, safely and effectively search under and over a wide range of road vehicles...

We have decades of experience in the security sector, and its our mission to design and manufacturer the best products in their respective categories.

Search mirrors are not just a mirror fitted to an arm, its much much more than that.

Search mirrors have to be lightweight, strong and durable and lock at any length and have adjustable head that locks the mirror at any angle of view, and a firm grasp of the handle without overlapping their fingers.

From our design team to manufacturing we have active this and are so confidant with the results we offer lifetime guarantee against our Red Range products.

Under Vehicle Search

Red Range is one of the World's Leading Manufacturer of Visual Search and Detection Equipment, offering a Huge Range of Products from Tactical Search Arms, Search Mirrors to Bore Viewers used In More Than 60 Countries.